How Deceptive Marketing Benefits Big Food Corporations But Threatens Your Health

How Deceptive Marketing Benefits Big Food Corporations But Threatens Your Health

Nothing could be more manipulative than the way in which Big Food uses deceptive marketing to get us to buy products while increasing its profit margin. Having been deceived, you could become seriously ill through frequent and long-term consumption of certain food products you believe to be “healthy” through deceptive marketing. The corporations will take no responsibility nor be held accountable for this.

Even the savvy – those more cognizant than most on food and health matters – have from time to time been bamboozled into buying through deceptive marketing, having unknowingly bought products containing GMO pesticides, high sodium content and dubious preservatives, etc. In order to not end up an unhealthy victim here’s an overview on what you can do.

Read the labels!

Corporations are required by regulatory bodies such as the FDA to produce certain information on the packaged food they’re marketing. Besides the front, carefully read the back of these labels, as the information given will allow you to find out whether or not the food is healthy.

Raise your label awareness

Through regulation the language on food labels is controlled. However, in spite of this, corporations use loopholes, allowing their food to be marketed using misleading terms to manipulate shoppers into buying.

Identify those misleading terms

Corporations out to manipulate try to be one step ahead using the ever-changing language of labelling. As mentioned earlier, even shoppers with trained eyes can sometimes be fooled. However, by raising your label awareness, paying special attention particularly to the ingredients weighing the most, as these may be the most likely to affect you, there are certain recurring misleading terms that can be identified. Here are some:

1. No added sugars

Quite a deceptive term, especially if you’re diabetic having to watch your high blood sugar levels: The FDA accepts the term “no added sugars” providing that there is no extra sugar added during the manufacturing process.

How does this translate when reading the labels? It means that products such as tomato ketchup or vanilla ice cream…already laden with unhealthy refined sugar must not have even more sugar added during processing. So those trying to cut back on sugar, beware!

2. Gluten-free



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