Year 2017 Results: Some Go Up, While Others Go Down

Year 2017 Results: Some Go Up, While Others Go Down

As the year 2017 came to the closure, one couldn’t help but notice the deep wounds that it left on the face of this world. Among those one can mention the never-ending horror of the Syrian war, conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Ukraine, that are claiming thousands of innocent civilians, while affecting elder people, women and children the most. The victims of these conflicts won’t live to see the peaceful future tomorrow, if there’s one after all that killing.

The bloody terror of the radical militants of the so-called Islamic State terrorist group, banned in all the states of the civilized world, followed by despicable acts of Jabhat al-Nusra and other radical militants that are trying to establish their rule over the Middle East, Europe, and even America has left thousands of deceased men and women. Over the course of the year we’ve witnessed terrorist attacks in Barcelona, Las Vegas, St. Petersburg, London, Pakistan, Afghanistan, not to mention countless acts of violence in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. Against this backdrop one has to praise the highly successful actions of anti-terror operations that resulted in the destruction of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, which represents a worthy response to the threat that Islamist radicals represent.

One has to remember the Catalan strive for obtaining independence from Spain, as well over 90% of the population of Catalonia voted for their right for self-determination at the referendum that was held last October.

But last year won’t be remembered by Europeans due to the above mentioned facts alone. For instance, the parliamentary elections in Germany, even though they secured a victory for the Merkel government, has nevertheless shown the ever growing weariness of the German population of the sitting Chancellor as every second German is now supporting the idea of Angela Merkel’s premature resignation.

Last year was not easy for Teresa May either, as the Brexit negotiations proved to be a highly puzzling an expensive business. It’s been noted that the turnaround in May’s ratings has been unprecedented plunging from a historic high at the start of the campaign to a historic low.

In France, a rather young politician Emmanuel Macron is now occupying the beautiful Elysee Palace. He’s trying trying to provide his country with a worthy future, while trying to return Paris on the political map of Europe, in spite of the fact that French economy still has achieved anything even modestly spectacular yet.



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