Masked Intruders Broke Into WikiLeaks’ Head Legal Office In Madrid, Tape Security Cameras

Masked Intruders Broke Into WikiLeaks’ Head Legal Office In Madrid, Tape Security Cameras

As the war against the CIA heats up, masked intruders (likely belonging to the Central Intelligence Agency) broke into WikiLeaks’ head legal council law office, EL PAÍS reported.

A total of three people dressed in all black in hoodies entered the law office of former judge and WikiLeaks’ chief council, Baltasar Garzón.

The alleged thieves were “very professional” according to police sources; they blinded the security cameras with tape and didn’t steal anything from the offices. Apparently, they have not taken any money, because there wasn’t any on the premise, the publication went on to state.

However, according to a rough translation of the report, they scrummaged between documents, although it has not yet been determined what is missing.

The investigation is being carried out by the scientific police as if it were “an attempted robbery,” they added. They are waiting for technicians to check if copies of files have been made from the computers.

Since he was removed from the judiciary, after being sentenced to 11 years of disqualification for ordering recordings – supposedly illegal at that time – between defendants of the Gürtel plot and his lawyers, Baltasar Garzón has directed, among other things, the legal defense of the founder Wikileaks, Julian Assange.

WikiLeaks and Julian Assange tweeted out the report today, expressing concern that the CIA was responsible for the break-in.

Notably, WikiLeaks has faced a number of suspicious circumstances happening to its organization; so much so they have released ominous tweets highlighting that none of the organization’s employees or volunteers have any psychological health problems or drug problems that could lead to sudden death.



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