Car Regulators Make Companies Do Major Recalls Over Minor Issues Of Safety, Yet Vaccine Regulators Rarely Recall Vaccines Even After They Kill And Injure Tens Of Thousands

The car industry has an impartial and independent regulator. If a minor issue is found in cars, there is a major recall for human safety reasons. In the fraudulent vaccine industry though, there is no impartial or independent regulator to oversee the industry (only agencies that are corrupted and controlled).

Therefore, it seems as if their products can kill and maim without a single recall.

Even when some governments ban a vaccine, the pharmaceutical companies simply rebadge them and continue to sell it in other countries under a new brand, despite knowing that their product is faulty and kills innocents.

I am yet to meet an intelligent person and educated person (educated about vaccines) that doesn’t have concerns over vaccine safety and/or its effectiveness.

How many must die or be maimed to get a vaccine recalled?

In fact, the industry is so fraudulent, they use deaths caused by the products to be spun by expensive PR firms as a reason to use more of their faulty products.

I’ve met many people that maybe intelligent, but don’t like to admit they haven’t spent years of research into the industry and its practices. Thus, their ignorance causes them to happily spruik for big pharmaceutical companies to help them boost their product sales by spreading the nonsense that vaccines are safe and effective and don’t cause autism (yet, even the vaccine warning labels state otherwise if anyone bothered reading them).

Nice propaganda!

However, the vaccine industry’s sales have grown from $5 billion in 2005 to $50 billion in 2017, therefore, they can afford billions in spreading pseudo-science and fake industry funded studies in desperate attempts to conceal wide-scale vaccine fraud.

Mainstream media is dedicated to money and not the truth, so it’s happy to lie for big pharma as well.

An industry that invests more into propaganda and fear driven marketing to grow sales than actual research should always be treated with skepticism. All parents should do detailed independent research before vaccinating their kids to death.

The labels of some vaccines even state that side effects include autism, not to mention, CDC whistle blowers highlighted CDC fraud in vain attempts to cover up what’s blindingly obvious to anyone with critical thinking and commonsense.




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