New Cryptocurrency Digital Media Influencer Agency Set To Shake Up The Industry, a digital influencer agency has joined the crypto rush announcing its up-coming ICO.

With blockchain technology set to disrupt most industries, the influencer media industry is one that could be well suited to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 

Since many ‘Instagram and social media influencers’ are indeed millennials, according to recent estimates it is believed that by 2020 one out of three millennials will own cryptocurrencies.

According to a report published by Merkle, “around 5% of this demographic has already invested in various cryptocurrencies, which is a more-than-solid number already. However, this percentage will keep on growing, and it is expected that nearly 33% of all millennials will hold at least one cryptocurrency by the end of 2018”.

Many influencers already earn full-time lucrative incomes from social media posts. Therefore, the chance for them to earn cryptocurrency to promote brands will be sought after.

It could see explosive growth for, said one industry reporter that ANR interviewed.

Some people on Instagram make as much as $100,000 per month by being paid to market brands to their legions of followers including ‘insta famous’ girls such as Tammy Hebrew amongst others.

With cryptocurrency, it’s estimated they could double their earnings. Moreover, new influencers struggling to earn more currency could see a major boost to their income if signed by  

Plus, many ‘old media’ companies are expected to consider accepting crypto to fill their unused inventory. could become a significant broker for media companies after extra revenue to boost flagging print, radio and TV advertising.

Merkle goes on to explain, “millennials are turning to cryptocurrency because it is more attractive than traditional investments. Moreover, a large portion of this demographic feels left behind by these traditional options. Neither properties nor pensions are necessarily all that profitable for the younger generation to invest in right now. Pensions may not even be around by the time most millennials reach retirement. Things are not looking all that great in the world of traditional finance right now; that much is evident. 

“Combine this lack of appeal with the general distrust most millennials have for banks and financial institutions, and it only becomes clearer why cryptocurrencies will continue to surge. There is a vast difference between the younger generation’s view of money and finance and how older people perceive them right now”, says Merkle. has launched pre-seed rounds at $0.04 cents and will have its ICO at $0.50 cents in May.  

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