Ben Swann Exposes FDA, DEA Deception On Kratom

In 2015, the DEA announced its plans to place Kratom on the list of Controlled Substances (in the same scheduling level as heroin to be exact) but, amid public outcry, the agency backed off, deferring to FDA “review” and “advice.” Many optimistic  Kratom activists were tempted to rest on their laurels, trusting that the FDA would prove to be more reasonable in relation to Kratom and hoping the testimonials, overwhelming public support for Kratom, and the science itself would win the day.

The FDA, long known to be essentially run by Big Pharma, has now joined the ranks of the DEA (which also placed CBD oil on the list of controlled substances on the same level as heroin) in a scathing attack on Kratom, signalling that the end may be nigh for the miracle plant if activists do not succeed in fighting back both behemoth agencies who act as the enforcement arms of Big Pharma, the private prison industry, and the police state.

The FDA, of course, as with its corporate-supported attack on natural supplements and support of GMOs, has used incredibly faulty science to come to their conclusion that kratom is the same as heroin and other opiates. As Ben Swann exposes in his latest Reality Check segment, the FDA’s conclusion that kratom is responsible for 36 deaths are impossible to blame on kratom. The majority of the dead individuals had a number of other substances in their system at the same time or were suffering from acute medical distress, and had even been shot in the chest.

Taking this dramatically hyped and deceptive presentation out of the mix leaves not one shred of evidence that kratom has caused any deaths in its history on the planet.

Swann exposes this and the fact that 9 leading scientists have vociferously opposed the banning of kratom so it is clear that claims regarding kratom’s hazards are unfounded.

In just around seven minutes, Swann exposes the treachery of the FDA and the myths surrounding kratom. You can watch the video below.

This article was originally published by Natural Blaze

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