How Blockchain Technology Can Overcome The Challenges Faced With Last-Mile Delivery For E-Commerce

The rapidly evolving e-commerce industry has taken customer service to a level that was unheard of even 15 years ago. While in this day and age consumers may be acquiring their goods with more ease and from the comfort of their own home/office, the question is, are they completely satisfied?

With Amazon making speed delivery a reality, the massive advent in technology has led to the increase in consumer expectation by leaps and bounds. However, the e-commerce industry is still struggling to cope with it. According to a report by, it is in the last-mile that many of these challenges manifest.

“28% of the total delivery cost to a business comes from the last-mile. In general, this often gets passed on to the customer. When it doesn’t, it can have a negative impact on the bottom line”.

While delivery cost is an inevitable aspect of online retail, same-day/on-demand delivery has escalated the pressure on budgets. also highlights the influence of game-changing technology such as Uber that has impacted the e-commerce industry. The publication states:

“Uber changed the game. Though initially for taxis, Uber gives customers the ability to have full visibility over where their driver is. Customers can follow the driver through a real-time map to know exactly when they arrive. Now, consumers are starting to expect this kind of visibility for all services, including deliveries”.

C Uber, a new blockchain app plans to solve Amazon’s ‘last mile’ problem by becoming the Uber for couriers.

Even though cryptocurrencies have taken a hit of late, no one denies the potential for the blockchain technology to change almost any industry.

A new crypto company called C Uber- the Uber for couriers hopes to solve this problem by attracting not just couriers to deliver the last parcel, but also normal drivers just like Uber does to collect the parcels from warehouses and drop it to the customer’s home.

This can effectively make the ‘last mile’ delivery much cheaper and faster, which as highlighted above is currently the most expensive and challenging part of the business for online retailers.

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