To vaccinate or not vaccinate – I am going to vaccinate one of my children and not the other and see which one grows up to be the healthiest, says former pro vaxxer

As a future parent, what should I do when it comes to vaccinating my children?

Should I succumb to the government welfare handouts, propaganda, child care access and near Nazi like vaccination regime? After all, no jab no pay, and now, no jab no play is tempting enough for the weaker minded to surrender to the false hope and believe that Governments are trustworthy and would only suggest policies that are in our own interest.

Alternatively, should I get educated and research the facts about what vaccines contain and the myth that they eradicated diseases such as polio? Should I ignore the medical fraud just like Enron did with their tricky accounting to show profits that didn’t actually exist? Should I rely on the manipulated evidence Big Pharma uses to convince us that vaccines are a medical breakthrough?

So, I came up with the perfect solution:

I plan on having two children at least, so it will be easy.

I’ll vaccinate one and not the other and use them like human guinea pigs to see which one grows up to be the healthiest.

Then I’ll know for sure whether vaccination is or isn’t a good thing.

But, before you get outraged and say, ‘How dare you treat your future children like human guinea pigs! That is ludicrous and should not be allowed whatsoever…!’, the Government should step in and prevent such a plan before it spreads to other parents.

I agree, it’s a dastardly plan.

How dare I treat my future children (who are too young to defend themselves and place their trust in us) as human guinea pigs?

Actually, the more I think of this plan, the worse it sounds.

I mean how could I do such a thing to an innocent new born child?

Not to mention, one of my friends asked:

“Which child will you choose to vaccinate and which one will you protect from being filled with dangerous toxins that cause such widespread damage to children?”

I said, it would be a hard choice but I’ve heard parents often favour one child over the other. So, I guess I could take a risk with the least favourite one and allow him/her to be a human guinea pig and let the doctors inject it with unlimited amounts of dangerous toxins that no adult should ever be filled with, let alone an innocent baby (10 times more vaccines than I had to suffer with as a baby in the 70s).

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However, I should assure myself that I am not being mean or nasty by choosing one of my children to be injected- just as I can be rest assured that the Government knows best. After all, no lobbyist ever lobbies politicians or influence Government policy or fund biased medical studies, so if they say it’s safe, it must be safe to inject dangerous toxins into a young baby without the child’s permission (soon without the parent’s permission too).

Even though it’s emotional laziness to not research and garner the facts, it is easy to simply surrender to the Government and Big Pharma who claim that vaccines are not only perfectly safe, but also effective.

You may ask:

“Jamie, how can you do this to a young child? Have you not researched and discovered that many vaccines are a medical fraud that never eradicated the diseases they claim? Moreover, do you know the stats taught to doctors are bogus?

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“Have you not seen how many children are mildly to severely damaged from vaccines, and even Pro Vaxxers conveniently ignore the millions of damaged children, as if they don’t exist (despite billions being paid out in legal battles for damages done to just a fraction of the damaged children)”?

My response:

“I understand, but accepting such facts is uncomfortable and upsets my world. I am simply going to ignore all those innocent babies damaged from vaccines and accept false stats such as, polio vaccines reduced the spread of polio. Why shouldn’t I accept these stats, especially since the Government tells me it’s safe, and Big Pharma tells me it’s safe, not to mention, Governments never lie and medical studies are never biased or fraudulent whatsoever…”

So, I’m going to go back into my slumber and allow one of my future children to be used as a human guinea pig, injected with deadly toxins called vaccines that are supposed to eradicate many diseases, which, per historical facts they never have, and possibly never can. Not to mention, there are so many new diseases we now have, thanks to some vaccines- an industry that is scrambling to hide it from the public. Diseases that used to never exist have now been created, however, we aren’t meant to talk about that, especially with the industry busy trying to cover up the rampant rise of autism. Even though in many cases autism occurs after babies are vaccinated,  obviously there is no official link to it (let’s just put our head in the sand and pretend this epidemic does not exist).

You need brains and balls to question authority. However, it’s easier to have neither and just succumb to the Nazi like orders and inject one of my children with dozens of vaccines (and 250 more being patented and coming soon). But hey, they must all be necessary, especially since the Government endorses them.

I mean, I would never want my child to shoot up drugs, but I’ll let them be shot up as innocent babies with deadly cocktails of unproven and dangerous toxins called vaccines sold for billion-dollar profits. Makes perfect sense to me.

Well, at least one of my future children will grow up to be healthy with a natural immune system and stand a chance against future epidemics that are likely to wipe out the vaccinated population.

Why not hedge my bets and play a bit of Russian Roulette with one of my future children and let them be injected and treated as a human guinea pig?

I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

After all, we are only talking about innocent babies being injected with god knows what to allegedly stop things they generally create, but rarely stop.

Note: Although this article is a satire, the author was in fact once a pro vaxxer, but after being sent continued information from doctors and scientists not game to go public due to risking their entire medical career about vaccine medical fraud, including  overstating their role in the eradication of diseases (think polio), the dangers of vaccines and the continued attempted cover up of vaccine injuries, he decided to research the industry years ago. After discovering the extent of damages done to innocent babies and adults, and also the spread of diseases linked to vaccines, he decided that the parents of vaccine injured children deserve to have their voices heard . They have continually been silenced by mainstream media, Western Governments and Big Pharma in a concerted campaign to stop the wider public from discovering the large-scale medical fraud behind the vaccine industry and the aggressive push by vaccine manufactures to sell more and more vaccines with limited to no effect but significant risks for profit agendas.

He wants a Royal Commission in Australia to investigate vaccine fraud and their cover ups. He believes due compensation must be paid to victims. Moreover, according to him, the Government should apologise to parents of vaccine injured and damaged children- who are an inconvenient truth for the industry and government that prefers to pretend as though these damaged children do not exist or are a minor statistic despite epidemic proportions. Plus, a  truly independent body should be set up for rigorous testing of vaccines, so parents can have a trusted source of non-biased, non propaganda information regarding its risk/reward ratio. This would allow parents to know which vaccines the risk/reward ratio is sufficient for parents to make an informed decision.

However, it’s not to say that some vaccines are not effective and worth the risk. It’s to highlight we have an industry that is not properly vetted by Western Governments or investigated by mainstream media. Therefore, the normal safety nets to protect individuals isn’t in place.

The danger lies in lobbyists influencing government policy and corporate owned media that takes money for pushing agendas combined with a for profit medical industry, which is rampant with fraudulent medical studies funded to help sell products you may or may not need.

The sale of vaccines is out of control with 250 more patented coming our way. It’s an industry that is both aggressive and deceptive. They will do anything to silence those who are outspoken and raise valid concerns. If there is nothing to hide, then an open and civilised debate is healthy for society- not Nazi style mandatory injections of ever increasing amounts forced upon innocent babies and concerned parents.

Regulations would also make way for major improvements in vaccine safety along with other alternatives to reduce or eradicate diseases. Also, there is a pressing need for an investigation into mainstream media and their a) complicit attempts to cover up vaccine damages, b) the fraudulent stats published to mislead the public by suggesting that vaccines eradicated many major diseases, which they simply did not and, c) the pharmaceutical links to media and politicians.

He wants the Nazi like ‘no jab no pay and the no jab no play ‘ laws in Australia to be reversed. Moreover, he strongly supports exposing the links between a  former Prime Minister and NewsCorp regarding the introduction of this policy, especially since Australia is meant to be a democracy, not forced policy by a major media company.

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