Bitcoin Inc. Launches One Of The World’s Most Exclusive Cryptocurrency Magazine

Bitcoin Inc. is excited to launch the Bitcoin Inc. Magazine- one of the world’s only few magazines dedicated exclusively to the discourse on Bitcoin and cyrptocurrencies.

While the cryptocurrencies have been around for over 5 years, the last couple of months have witnessed a frenzy regarding their sudden surge in demand and prices. As cryptos commence a major change in the way we view money and the financial industry, an increasing number of people are curious to learn more about it.

Therefore, Bitcoin Inc.- a bi-monthly magazine will serve as an educational resource discussing the application, use and future of Bitcoin, the blockchain system, ICOs and the numerous other cryptocurrencies.

A team member from ANR Media said, “we want to be the source of all the latest news in the world of cryptocurrencies and give people the opportunity to understand what this phenomenon is really about so that they can make the most of it”.

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The magazine will also bring to light facts about the current financial industry, which is about to deal with an imminent overhaul.

According to a bullish industry expert who sees a $1 trillion market-cap in the future, “Investment Banks are going to have their lunch cut and still don’t see it. ICOs are taking over from IPOs and the investment banking industry hasn’t yet realised how big the industry will become and how it will cut their lunch if they don’t get involved. There is massive opportunity for stockbroking, investment firms and trading firms that see the future and start creating a division for ICOs and crypto trading, even if it has to be set up outside non friendly ICO countries until regulation is decided upon. For example, think about the size of Uber and Airbnb where regulation in the industry is just taking form. These are single companies with combined market caps of over $100 billion”, he said.

He went on to explain:

“While many in the investment banking industry are standing by the water cooler in their plush offices bagging on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, the greatest industry transformation is happening under their watch and they don’t realise it. If they don’t change ships soon, many of them will find themselves on the Titanic heading for oblivion as their fees from banking and capital raising will dry up with ICOs stealing the IPO market”.

Bitcoin Inc. is a not for profit organisation established by early stage Bitcoin investors and developers. It was established to help spread the awareness of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

Its mission is to support a new world where currencies are decentralized and no longer in the hands of ‘Central Banks’ and to empower and educate society about why this is so important for the future of humanity.

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