Controversial New Vaccine Magazine Is The Latest Threat To Big Pharma

 New vaccine magazine- Vaxxed Inc.- Australia’s first and only magazine to discuss the big global controversy surrounding vaccines has caused quite a stir in the industry and is considered to be a considerable force in exposing the alleged corruption within Big Pharma.

Published by ANR Media and launched in mid-September, the magazine has raised questions on the link between autism and vaccinations, Big Pharma’s role and alleged corruption in promoting vaccines for profits, the side effects of some vaccines and case studies demonstrating how vaccinations have adversely impacted the health of innocent children and their families.

The 72-page publication will be published on a bi-monthly basis (digital and print) and is aiming to air views from various sources starting from analysts to doctors from all over the world. ANR Media also publishes the daily news website Australian National Review, which in a period of two years has crossed over 700,000 unique visitors a month and has caused a massive stir by bringing to the forefront a wide range topics such as the safety of vaccinations, corruption in Big Pharma, depravity within the US government and other educational/health articles.

Visit VaxxedInc.Com for more information and subscription details. 

Former pro-vaxxer, motivational speaker and publisher of ANR Media, Jamie McIntyre says, “As humans we can be given the smallest evidence of something by authority and due to our social conditioning and social hypnosis, we accept it often without question. Yet, we have the audacity to question the overwhelming evidence of an opposing view. That doesn’t help a society evolve to higher levels but simply allows those with less than worthy intentions to manipulate and deceive the masses at will. It also allows them to enroll those the masses trust to do their dirty work and spread false science”.

He goes on to explain, “you owe it to your family, your children, your country and humanity to seek the truth. And to take a stand against those who wish to suppress the truth”.

Visit VaxxedInc.Com for more information and subscription details. 

The magazine’s goal is to raise awareness and challenge what Australian and some global authorities expect us to believe without question.

According to one industry observer, “questioning anything vaccine-related is a major stigma in most western societies. However, in a civilized and modern society one must have the courage to challenge what many have taken for granted. I am glad that Australia finally has a magazine that does so and I hope it will spread awareness and give people the courage to step-up”, she said.

Visit VaxxedInc.Com for more information and subscription details. 

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