Airbnb, a $30 billion company now has a new Cryptocurrency- Aircoin, wanting to cut its lunch as Bitcoin boom gathers steam


Companies such as Airbnb and Stayz have not only revolutionized the travel industry in the past few years, they have also created a lucrative platform for home owners who are now making more profits from Airbnb or Stayz listings than rental income.

However, taking it to another level, the $30 billion dollar Airbnb now has a new cryptocurrency called Aircoin wanting to cut its lunch as the Bitcoin boom gathers steam.

For instance, to own multiple homes or apartments and to be able to reside in multiple cities seems like a pipe dream for most. However, with the advent of technology and the shared economy, it is now a realistic possibility for the average person.

In the past, to acquire or even rent an apartment you may use just once or twice a month didn’t seem feasible unless you were wealthy and could afford to have an apartment left empty for the most part. But now you can use these services to have a second home or apartment in another city rented out to holiday guests during the times you aren’t using it.

This new app using Blockchain technology is designed to become the global platform for holiday letting to compete with the likes of Airbnb.

Founded by one of Airbnb’s former highest paid hosts and early stage bitcoin investor who got sick of Airbnb mistreating its hosts and refusing to pay him tens of thousands in bookings, he decided to put a team of high level developers together to build a better and fairer global platform for holiday letting to take a slice of the Airbnb market. Thus, Aircoin was born.

Platforms such as these connect holidaymakers with owners of rooms or entire houses or an apartment for short term stays tapping into what is commonly referred to as the shared economy. The extra income generated can often pay for the monthly cost to rent or pay off your second home or apartment, but still allow you to use it when you are visiting your home away from home.

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Due to the crypto boom and the massive interests it’s garnering, a new platform using the Blockchain technology could attract a lot of listings globally from property owners eager to earn cryptocurrency.

The value of most cryptos are rising. Therefore, if a homeowner is renting out a home for say $1000 for 2 nights and receiving  that in Aircoin, and they decide to not exchange it for cash but hold onto it and it rises 10 fold, they could massively increase their profits.

This can help the platform attract a large number of properties rapidly. Not to mention, many existing Airbnb hosts are already threatening to dump the Airbnb platform due to the favouritism towards guests ahead of protecting the host’s interests. This means, in the long-term Airbnb could face competitive threats from the crypto space with superior Blockchain technology at a time when it’s rumoured to be preparing to go public in 2018.

Aircoin is rumoured to be considering offering free currency to homeowners to attract their listings en masse. Guests will be able to book using credit card or Aircoin.

Because Aircoin is expected to be able to be used widely and globally for accommodation, it gives the Coin intrinsic value- something missing from many existing cryptocurrencies.

As it’s tapping into a proven business model, the Aircoin ICO has many excited about participating in the ICO.

Seed rounds open in early January 2018 where early investors can access Aircoin for $0.06, 80% below its $0.30 cents ICO expected price.

Long-Term Rentals

Aircoin also has its sight on targeting the long-term rental market after it establishes its short-term holiday platform.

This is a huge market and it’s rumoured that Airbnb is after long-term as well.

When a company spokesperson was asked, will the platform eventually also target real estate sales to target the lucrative market Murdoch’s REA has built, i.e. a $10 billion company, the answer was:

“Yes, we do intend to target that as blockchain technology can disrupt that industry and cut costs plus offer crypto incentives to get real estate agents on board. It can then globally become the dominant coin for real estate rentals and real estate sales”.

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