Is The New Cryptocurrency Bitxcoin A Safer Bet Than Bitcoin?


We all know that cryptocurrencies are rapidly becoming a trillion-dollar industry and many are discovering that blockchain technology is the future of the world.

The market cap as of December 2017 has surpassed $200 billion with Bitcoin making up $120 billion of this.

Bitxcoin is a new cryptocurrency/company that is looking to innovate the Global Payment System. If Bitcoin was started all over again, it would most likely use the superior Ethereum blockchain platform.

Some consider Bitxcoin to be like Bitcoin as a payment system, but Bitxcoin is expected to be better due to its more effective blockchain technology platform.

Funds are backed by a spectrum of real estate assets. This can also make it a more stable currency unlike Bitcoin, which suffers from high volatility. This can assist it in becoming a more suitable payment system with the likelihood of being utilised in the long-term.

The team consists of successful early stage bitcoin investors looking for the next up and coming cryptocurrency and a development team that’s helped develop several other cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency boom could be likened to the Dot Com boom. The currencies with asset backing will grow in value even if there is a future crash one day.

However, had Dot Com companies invested into quality assets, many of them would have survived and flourished.

While many cryptocurrencies may crash and burn, the ones backed by real assets are likely to be around even 10-20 years from now.

This provides a long-term growing asset backed currency that also has liquidity.

A professional profile Real Estate Investment Manager is being recruited to oversee the real estate portfolio. It is believed to be a more stable and ideal currency to be used as a payment system in general because of its asset backing and liquidity.

Note: No pooling of funds ever occur to remain compliant with MIS rules. Pre seed and ICO token sales are backed by assets minimum of 40% as per the White Paper. However, at no time does pooling of funds occur.  

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