Have you missed the boat with Bitcoin or is this just the start of the digital currency revolution?

According to one early stage Bitcoin investor, “it should be understood that the fundamental situation we are in right now as holders of any of the cryptocurrencies is unprecedented.

“Less than .1% of the general population is using Bitcoin in one capacity or another.

The growth you’ve seen was that number coming from .00000001% (nearly a billionth) of first-worlders to the present .1%. Remember, 10,000 bitcoins would have hardly bought you a pizza when the adoption rate was so low.

“The reason is simple: supply and demand. There is a limited supply of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, with an increasing adoption rate, there must be skyrocketing prices until it reaches its true value estimated at somewhere around $1M USD by about 2023-2025 based on the current growth charts extrapolations by trends. This assumes 25% of westerners use the coin, with average holdings of $1000. This is a several trillion dollar market cap increase projection from the current $250 billion market cap in a short time. It’s a literal digital gold rush, and right now, you are in the first .11% of the population to get on board.

“Tomorrow it will be a .12% saturation. That’s already another 8-10% growth in your portfolio, just from holding, as your coin gets rarer. Imagine another year of adoption rate. Go to your favorite exchange and look at what a million people with a thousand dollars (a billion dollars) would do to the price.

“Then multiply it by ten.

“Bitcoin isn’t going to 9k. Bitcoin is going to 90k now through spring. It will probably break the $400k barrier by August or September 2018, as the adoption rate reaches the .2%-.4% saturation. The market cap should surge from $250 billion to $2.2-2.5 trillion by then. This is about a 1/4th of the global gold market cap. This performs at a few per cent a year, eaten mostly by fees and brokers. Bitcoin’s growth is very attractive, and the Fear of Missing Out may be powerful enough to accelerate these projections, but there is no doubt they are steps along the way to something like PayPal’s adoption rate, which is roughly around 35% saturation. Can you imagine if Bitcoin reaches an adoption rate of 35% over the current .1% rate? That’s 350 times growth, 350000%. Probably a 3-5-year plan for a Bitcoin holder.

“That’s what’s happening: the adoption rate is growing every day, as well as the market cap, versus a limited number of coins.”

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